Capis Login Demo

Capis Login lets people log into websites easily. It allows websites to use login buttons and anchors, and not forms.

Websites only need to include a couple HTML elements in the page. The browser can then connect to a standard type of "password manager", that will store and submit login keys to websites automatically.

Easier, More secure. Self-Hostable. Learn More.

Sample Data #1 -- Create sample LoginManager data. Create a default LoginManager, containing Passbooks and User Login Items.
List of Operation Tests

Form Test 1. Create a custom Capis request. (Creates a custom Capis CapisAPI.opArgs value.)

(The form contents are not sent to the RP *as a form*. Instead, the contents are used to create a custom JSON opArgs value, and that is used to create a Capis request. The request is sent to the RP.)

Set the properties of the "opArgs" JSON object.

Test of WebAuthn
Webauthn create new publicKey credential
Webauthn get publicKey assertion

Form Test 2. Form signing.

Test of form signing. Enter any data in the form below:

Code on GitHub at 12doors/Demo-RP.