View Capis Request

This page is for debugging Capis requests. It displays the JSON object that is sent to the RP website. The JSON object includes a JWS. (It is sent to this page as the "capis_request" parameter.)

The un-encoded request parameter. (Adds the "payload_unencoded", and "signatures[n].protected_unencoded" fields.)

The raw request parameter:

(The JSON is a Capis request for a user authentication operation.) The JSON object should have a "JWS" property. ("JWS" is an object representing a JSON Web Signature.) The "JWS" object should have a "payload" and "signatures" properties. The "payload" property is a base64url encoded string. The "signatures" property is an array.
Example: capis_request = {"JWS": {"payload": "mJh482LQ...", "signatures": [{...}, {...}] } }